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This is the Tumblr page of a 32 year old pre-op MTF transsexual.


On chaturbate nau for a moment only :D


Hormones: Day 192 (part 2)

Month 7, Week 28

See? I told you my boobs were getting some definition!

This is kinda just a brief body update (also fan service because I kinda broke 2500 followers but shhh). So yeah, I’m starting to actually be proud of my body, and that’s a HUGE step. Like I’m not all the way yet, but I’m taking some baby steps towards self love. And that’s a big deal.

Also, please do not reblog these for porn blogs. Like seriously. Don’t. I’mma be hella pissed if you do.


Not in the mood to be productive today

pigpen80 asked: Great blog & thanks for the follow back

Thanks. I like your blog a lot, too!